Frequently Asked Questions
¤ How long will the visa be valid?
-One must enter Nepal within 6 months from the visa issued date.

¤ How long can I stay in Nepal with a tourist visa?
-The tourist visa shall not exceed 150 days in a year.¤ Can I get visa urgently?
-Yes. In justifiable situations the Embassy will issue visa on priority basis. Please explain your urgency to the visa officer.

¤ I am in Mongolia. How can I get a visa?
-Nationals of Mongolia can obtain an on-arrival visa in Nepal. But if you want to have a visa, you can send by post the above mentioned documents, visa fees (25, 40 and 100 US$ for a period of 15, 30 and 90 days, respectively) and return mail charges (about 20 US$).

¤ Where else can I obtain visa for Nepal?
-Tourist visa can be obtained in any diplomatic mission of Nepal abroad. Please refer to to locate a Nepalese mission near you.
In China, one can apply whether in the Consulate in Lhasa and Hong Kong or Honorary Consulate in Shanghai. Please click to find out their contact details.

¤ Can I work with a tourist visa?
-No. A foreigner having a tourist visa shall not be allowed to work in Nepal, with or without receiving remuneration.

¤ I want more information about traveling in Nepal, doing business or investing in Nepal. I am interested in its nature and culture.
-The Embassy is always ready to help make your next trip to Nepal pleasant and safe, and to provide you all possible information on the respective areas of your interest about Nepal. Please contact the Embassy or your nearest mission of Nepal in China.

¤ 签证的有效期是多久?

¤ 持旅游签,我能在尼泊尔逗留多久?
持旅游签者,每年在尼泊尔逗留的时间不能超过150天。¤ 可以办理加急签证吗?

¤ 我在蒙古,我如何能办理签证?

¤ 我还能在其他什么地方申请尼泊尔签证?

¤ 持旅游签证,我能在尼泊尔工作吗?

¤ 我想得到更多关于在尼泊尔旅行、经商或投资的信息,我对尼泊尔文化很感兴趣。