Passport Information
Notice on Machine Readable Passports (MRP):
1. The Embassy is collecting applications for MRP. You may apply in person or by post. Required documents:

Correctly completed application forms: Three (3) and Other Requirements: Signature: Should be in the center of the box, should not touch the border lines should be clear and signed by black ink. Fingerprints: Should be clear and use black-inked stamp pad. (Do not use any other types of ink) No need for the Child below one year of age. Photograph: Six(6) Pieces White background, good quality with proper resolution 45*35 mm in size, borderless, lips closed, (don’t write name on the back side of the Photographs) Enclose all your photographs into a small envelope and write your name on it. Printing steps: click print option, go to properties, select A4 size paper, select NONE from scaling then click print command.  (राहदानीको निवेदन फाराम भर्ने तरिका)
Original citizenship certificate and a copyOld passport and a copy (Passport will be returned to the applicant immediately.)Fee

Police report (in case of lost; please see below on FAQ)

“Minor Identity Certificate” issued by the concerned District Administration Office, together with citizenship certificate and a copy of father OR mother OR legal guardian if the applicant is a minor (under 16 years of age)

2. For application form and photo specifications, please visit Please read the instruction carefully before filling up the form or taking a photo.

3. Fee: 600 RMB for MRP/300 RMB for Minor (1,200 RMB for lost or damaged passports; 150 RMB for Temporary Passport of one year’s validity; 300 RMB for Travel Document)

4. Time to collect passport: The Embassy collects forms, then send them to Kathmandu. It may take about 3 months for the new passports to arrive at the Embassy.

I have an old passport which is still valid. Can I still apply for MRP?
The validity of all hand-written passports is until 24 November 2015. Therefore the Embassy requests all to apply for a MRP only if your passport is going to expire soon (normally 6 months or less). However, if you still want to replace your old passport with a new one, you are welcome to apply. Normal charge will apply.Is there possibility of delay?
Please complete the form correctly and completely and include all the required documents together with photo as per the requirements to avoid unnecessary delay. The Embassy may verify citizenship certificate with the issuing District Administration Office, which may also delay the issuance of passport. In this case the Embassy will inform the applicant.I urgently need a MRP and am ready to pay charge for urgent delivery. Is there such a provision?
No. Only the Central Passport Office in Kathmandu has this service at this moment.Can I apply by post?
Yes. Please send all the documents to the Embassy by express mail.Please include the fee in cash or the original receipt/advice of demand draft OR money order in the name of the “Embassy of Nepal, No. 1, Sanlitun Xiliujie, Beijing 100600″. Postal charge is not required for mainland residents, as you can pay upon reciept. Please clearly mention in Chinese your address and phone numbers in a separate paper.

I am in Taiwan. How can I apply?
The same procedure as mentioned above applys to Nepali nationals living in Taiwan. However, s/he should send passport fees in equivalent US$ in round figure together with an additional express mail charge of 20 US$.

I lost my passport. Or my passport is damaged. What to do?
You should apply as soon as possible. Please also include a police report in case of loss. As it may take about 3 months for the new passport to arrive from Kathmandu, the Embassy will issue a Temporary Passport with a validity period of one year. Temporary Passport is issued only in lieu of the expired, damaged or lost passport, with an additional charge of 150 RMB.

What is a Travel Document?
The Embassy will issue a Travel Document, with a normal validity period of 6 months and good for one-way travel from China to Nepal only, if a Nepali national needs to return to Nepal, but does not have documented proof to obtain a passport. An one page free-of-charge Travel Document will be issued in case the applicant can prove his or her state of financial difficulty. The same procedure of form and photo applies.

Will hand-written passport create problems while traveling?
Those traveling with old passports are advised to carry with them the circular issued by the ICAO, which approves the use of hand-written passports by Nepali nationals until 24 November 2015. Please click here to print the two-page circular of the ICAO. Page1 Page 2

Further information: Third Secretary Tel: 6532 1795 ext 18.