Foreign Employment and Students
If you encounter any foreign emploment related and other consular problems during your stay in Nepal, please let the Embassy know and we will help you solve them. All you need is to write an application with details of your problems and send to us by post or fax. Please also include your contact information and supporting documents, if any. This is a free-of-cost service.Please refer your foreign emploment related and other consular problems to the Third Secretary at 6532 1795 ext 18.USEFUL WEBSITE FOR NEPALESE STUDENTS
Nepalese students willing to study in China are advised to visit the following website STUDY IN CHINA (

1. Registration: We recommend all the students to register your name at the Embassy. This will facilitate us to provide you consular services when needed and also to meet you during the visit of Embassy officials to your university. It is better to register in batch. Please include your names, course names and telephone numbers in your email.

2. Transfer of institution and change of subject: Self-financed students may transfer or change institution/course by contacting concerned internation students office. Scholarship students may require the Embassy’s no-objection letter to apply at the CSC. The CSC will accept such applications only if your current university and the university you intend to transfer to give you written consent to do so. If the current university does not have the course designated by the University, you may apply for changing the course or institution. Please contact the Embassy in this case.

3. Recommendation or no-objection letter for Master’s pr PhD: If you are a recipient of the Chinese Government scholarship administered through the Ministry of Education, you must return to Nepal for service after completion of the course as per your bond with the Government of Nepal. In this case the Embassy will not recomment for further studies even if the university is willing to offer you a scholarship. If you are self-financed or studying under other schemes of scholarship, you may apply for the Embassy’s recommendation or no-objection letter for further studies. Please also include a recommendation letter of the concerned professor along with your application.

4. Returning home via Lhasa: The Embassy issues a letter to facilitate your travel to Nepal via Lhasa.Please send your details (Names, PP No., University, Course and telephone No.) to the Embassy.

Please refer your education related inquiries to the First Secretary Mr. Kumar Rai at 6532 1795 (ext 22) or 6532 1823. He can also be reached at