Nepal and China are age-old friends connected by geography, history and culture, and have been enjoying excellent neighbourly relations. Our friendship is based on mutual respect, non-interference and five principles of peaceful coexistence. Such an excellent state of relations is nurtured by our wise leaders in the past and developed by successive leadership in the interest of the people of the both countries. Nepal enjoys trouble free relations with China. Our relations is an example of harmony and friendship between the country of different size and social system. Nepal greatly values its relations with China.

    China is one of the major countries to support Nepal's development endeavours since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1955 A.D. Chinese support is utilized through government channels to the sectors prioritized by the government of Nepal without preconditions. These are the unique characteristics of Chinese development cooperation. China is Nepal's one of the major trading partners and major source of investment and tourists. Therefore our relations are multidimensional, deep rooted, broad based and have reached to the people to people level. We cherish China’s great socio-economic development and consider this as an opportunity.

    We have come up with new look of web portal making it more informative. We have tried our best to make this site user friendly, useful and clear on the message we want to convey. We will try to make this portal as interactive as possible, because we believe in responsive governance. We also welcome feedback and creative suggestions which helps us to improve our service quality. Creativity has no boundary; the limit is our capability to comprehend only.

    This portal intends to serve three segments of the people: First, the Nepalis nationals residing in China. The portal is designed to establish linkage with Nepalis in order to provide better service. We also would create database of Nepalis in China. Please help us by registering in the portal when you arrive in China for the first time and update as and when required.

    Second segment of the people, we want to serve are our well-wishers, and friends of Nepal, particularly potential Chinese tourists, investors, business communities, researchers and media people.

    Third important segment of our targeted visitors are well-wishers of Nepal residing all over the world. Particularly visitors, researchers, scholars & enthusiasts who can benefit from our portal.

    We are willing to move together along path to peace, prosperity and harmony across the Himalayas. We have come for the first time with Chinese version of website. We continuously expect your support in case of need arises.

    With this, once again, I thank you all who have helped us to bring this site to the current shape. I am confident that we will receive similar support in the days to come as well.


Thank you!


Leela Mani Paudyal