Travel Document

Travel Document:

 Travel document may be issued in the following situation:–

If an application has been submitted to this Embassy, after completing the necessary process required to receive a passport along with the reason and evidence of being unable to return to Nepal due to the reason of being either lost or destroy of the passport.

If in case of Nepali citizen living in Mongolia or DPRK, if his/her family member has submitted an application to this Embassy, after completing the process required to be followed to receive the passport along with the letter of the concerned District Development Office made on the basis of recommendation of concerned Village Development Committee or Municipality.

If a Nepali woman married to foreigner submits application for a travel document for her child for the purpose of visiting Nepal, in such a case Embassy will issue one-way travel document for that child.

Required Documents:

1.Duly filled in application form (one copy)

2.Original citizenship and its copy and copy of old  passport

3.Three copies of MRP size photo

4.Police report ( in case of lost)

5.In case of child born from Nepali woman married to a foreign national, applicant’s mother should submit her original citizenship and its copy and birth registration certificate of child.

Fee: RMB 300

Download application form