Instructions for visa processing

Instructions for visa processing


· No Visa Fee is charged from Chinese Nationals for Tourist visa (other than Nationals are however required to submit fee)

· Holders of diplomatic and Official Passport of the People’s Republic of China do not require visa for visit and stay in Nepal for up to one month. Similarly, holders of diplomatic and official passport of Mongolia do not require visa for visit and stay in Nepal for up to three months.

· Passports are not accepted through parcel.

· Individual applicant should apply in person at the Embassy in Beijing or at the consulates in Lhasa, Hong Kong, Guangzhou or Honorary Consulate in Shanghai or any diplomatic mission of Nepal abroad.

· Chinese nationals are eligible to obtain on-arrival visa at authorized entry points including the International Airport in Kathmandu. This provision also applies to Mongolia and DPRK nationals.

· Tourist visa for Nepal can also be applied through travel agencies authorized by the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) to operate overseas travel.

· Passports should be valid for at least more than six months for processing of visa.

· Please fill in the application form completely/ correctly, don’t leave any column vacant (the provided data on the application will be verified by our staff).

· Nationals of other countries visiting China (as visitors, tourists) are advised to apply for visa at the Embassy of Nepal in their country of residence or the Embassy of Nepal concurrently accredited to their country.